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Fragments of Emy Blesio (Gayatri Devi)

- Gennaio 2012



“From the Perfect dual begins. To reach the Perfect, two must return to One”


“The one who does not value his own word is a person with no value”


“…What you see… It makes you understand… What you do not see…”


“In an infinite Universe who might say to be over or down?
Ahead or back? In a corner or at the centre?”


“Everything reproduces itself… If you give love… love returns back to you… Violence returns violence…”


“Only those who have a box as Universe Feel like being superior to someone else or something else”


“Hours, days, years, are grains of sand escaping from a hand to join an infinity seashore”


“Humanity should belong to an unique breath, a unique immense, infinity Soul”


“Sometimes, we feel like flowing together with the WHOLE and we cannot distinguish OURSELVES from THE OTHERS”


“Everyone might be teacher or student of something or for someone”


“The images of the Indian divinities are a crystallization of an Idea, an Energy, and their appearance represents that specific Energy”


“I am happy because I am free. I am happy where I am, because there is nothing that I desire somewhere else”


“Ignorance believes that God is on its side… Knowledge tries to be on the side of God”


“Knowledge perceives the same nature in everything, in all beings. Ignorance perceives only a small part of it and confuses it with the whole”


“To see God everywhere you must have eyes trained from the Knowledge”


“Intolerance and racism come from ignorance”


“Save knowledge! Knowledge will save us!”


“If you want to be clean, you cannot wash yourself with mad.”


“The Origin is immobile and the idea, the intention, of motion is Its Energy And… that’s why the Creation happens: realizing the intention!”


“…Use suffering as a fertilizer to make the bright flower of your soul growing…”


“Nothing is created without a reason.”


“It is not all bad or all good, in a circular time, the extremes meet.”


“Man creates God at his imagine and likeness”


“If you are not able to see… something… it does not mean that it does not exist”


“When you face  the Truth try to be as innocent as a child”


“Pure artists whisper to God’s ear”


“Life is like a school… If you fail an examination, you have to repeat it, and if you keep on failing each failure will be added to the previous ones”


“There is what you want and what is …right”


“The most fascinating journey is the one we do inside ourselves…”


“Good actions or bad actions are as a boomerang. They always turn back… And, if you pay attention, you could discover the reason why …something happens”


“While your arms, your hands eagerly grasp… your will unveil bare hips…”


“No one can hurt you more than somebody who you love”


“Ignorance may give space to Knowledge… but when Knowledge is firm… ignorance cannot find place”


“Sometimes, in a rush of reaching the top, we do not see the beauty of the path”


“Simplicity always hides a hard job”


“Sun alights poor people, rich people, murders and saints .… a stone or an animal, a flower or a human being… Sun does not discriminate… why do we believe we can do it?”


“Sometimes, even an energetic and vital wind makes you feeling dry and withered…”


“Before testing you badly, life provides you with the necessary tools and means as to enable you to get ahead”


“Life does not allow you to run through twice…”


“People search spasmodically an endless love… But it is the effort, of a day after day, that people can make love endless.”


“If we can see only violence around us, it means that violence is somewhere inside us”


“A marriage cannot be said a happy one, only because we have chosen the right person… It is a happy marriage, when we learn how to believe ‘right’ the person who we have chosen…”


“Good and evil come from the same source”


“Be grateful to the Light you have been given… and do not complain if it is a hard job to keep it constantly alight and… bright”


“Every need is a cage… Get rid of needs and wishes… And… you will be free…”


“Sometimes we want the others to live our life with passion while we go through their life with indifference”


“Nobody can appropriating of somebody else realization…”


“Do not tie somebody to you… Let them stay… by choice!”


“Try to embalm an idea is like holding air between fingers”


“Be as a diamond which getting the sunbeam, it multiplies its thousand enchanting aspects”


“What does the word ‘loss’ mean, if nothing is yours?”


“Children are beautiful mandala… after you have built them, you must allow breeze sweep them away… …to start a new life… and you have to accept the wind… and the absence”


“Sometimes who believes to follow the 'middle way' is following a… convenient way...!”


“Children, sometimes, want you to suffer as much as they are suffering”


“Knowledge, Culture, Awareness, are the exact opposite of violence, intolerance, racism…”


“The human being aches for knowing the future… meanwhile he miss the present”


“More Knowledge invades the space… less room will be for ignorance, intolerance, racism, intransigence”


“Seeing beyond the Shape allows to get at the Principle that does not have any… Shape”


“Women are not conscious of their sacredness, therefore they are not able to teach it to their own children”


“Karma is like an Ocean… everything you throw in its waves, it comes back to your shore”


“Ideas are the only things that belong to us”


“It is up to us to stay at the top of a wall and be able to admire beautiful dawns and enchanting sunsets but… be smacked by the wind… Or… To see only a wall and… being protected…”


“You can be a cloud blown by the wind
Or the wind which blows the cloud
To be the Sun which is over and warms either the cloud or the wind.”


“Cause is already in the action”


“Our knowledge of life is conditioned by our background”


“A place can appear you good or bad, it depends on what you expect to find there”


“Everything contains its contrary... it is up to you to make the better part appearing on the surface”


“Sometimes, the breathless search of earning money dulls our cleverness and rationality. And so, the stupidity arises. We can see this through the absurd rules that our Society offers as ‘‘the truth’”


“Beware of those Guru who need pupils. Beware of those pupils who needs Guru”


“Every need creates wishes. Every wish creates suffering.”


“The human being who breeds animals with cruelty, eats even their fear, anger, suffering... and eventually he is afraid... is angry… suffers”


“An unconscious man makes its own destruction…”


“Where is the humankind going if they think that to appear is more important than TO BE?”


“The human being can spoil, or even destroy, life of the humanity on the earth, but he will never destroy the LIFE that will reveal itself under another shape”


“More you know and better you come close the comprehension of God”


“Do not allow Life to lead you. Get your Life in your Hands”


“Violent people refer to a violent, strict and intolerant god… Improve yourself and you will refer to a better God”


“Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim, Jewish… Why should we define ourselves as a static connotation if everything in the Universe is motion?”


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